The Perfect Pair of Jeans



    For A Flat Bottom:

    Your best bet would be to choose a stretch jean with slim legs that hug your butt, that way the curves you have are emphasized.

    Things to avoid: Stiff denim, loose fits and boy cuts.

    For Curvy Women:

    If you don’t want skin tight jeans, get a straight leg that is a size to large. Find a pair that fits your hips and butt and have the waist taken in. If you love your curves and want to show them off go for a stretch.

    Things to stay away from: fading in the butt and thigh area.

    For Petite:

    Choose a classic style the doesn’t take over your frame. Look for a natural waist to add length and go for a more stright leg to elongate the leg.

    Things to avoid: Stay away from flare or wide leg they tend to make petite women even tinier.

    For a Tummy:

    Go for a pant that sits below your waist line and don’t be afraid to go up a size to stay away from that dreaded muffin top( when the love handles that many women except for models have and you buy too tight of pants and the handles hang over). You can always have a tailor take in the waist if you buy the right size to fit everywhere else or you could do it yourself.


    For a Short Waist:

    Look for a low rise jean to elongate the torso.

    For a Long Waist:

    Best thing for long waists us to buy a pair of jeans that are true to your natural waist line with straight but not tight fitting legs.

    Things to avoid: Big flares, wide-legs, cropped legs and anything baggy all tend to drag your hips down even more

    If your Bottom Heavy:

    Try a low rise, which will allow room for the butt with out being all over. opt for a darker denim and avoid to tight of a leg.



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