Kendra Wilkinson’s clothing line?


    Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend Kendra Wilkinson of Playboy and the show “The Girls Next Door” teamed up with Celebrity Apparel Group (CAG) to introduce her new clothing line, Kdub Clothing Company. It will be the newest line appealing to young ladies’ and ladies’, and eventually leading into designs for young men and men’s clothing, consisting of denim, tanks, tees, and clubwear. On May 11, 2007, Kendra announced her clothing line at Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas, which generated thousands of attendees. The event included of an appearance by Kendra herself, who gave away free t-shirts to her adoring fans. Here’s what may be and example of her new line….


    The gold spray painted pants are going to be a hit in my book and is that a shirt or some strings. I’m pretty sure most girls in the US don’t look like that and can pull off a shirt or bathing suit or birthday-suit which ever it is like that. I hope that  neither the shirt nor paints are in the firture for Kdub. I mean don’t get me wrong for her she can pull of anything with a body like that but who is she kidding, we all can’t be hootchies.



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