Makeup Tips from Paris Hilton.

November 27, 2007 by admin

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton was interviewed by the source. The discussion covered Paris’ use of makeup and her suggestions.

  1. Fragrance.

Paris would recommend her fans to wear something from her collection. She has 4 fragrances; Heiress, Just Me, Paris Hilton and CAN CAN.

  1. Makeup.

Paris loved Max Factor. She used silver eye-shadow and black eyeliner. She had a blush in a shade darker than her complexion. Her lipstick was pink with gloss. Paris said that she preferred glossy lip stick and lip-shine.

  1. Skin care.

The secret to Paris’ luscious, smooth face is weekly facials and Kate Somerville products.

  1. Skin protection.

Paris recommended the use of sunscreen at all times. It was the best anti-aging protection available. This would work when it was used early, before the skin was ravaged.


Image: JustJared

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