How to create new shoes from old ones.


shoes before adding clips
Plain shoes before adding shoe clips.

shoes with shoe clips
This is what they look like after the addition of clips.

Shoe clips are clip-on accessories that decorate the shoe. They can make a plain shoe classy. A good shoe clip can grab attention. People will not know that it is a clip-on. They tend to think that the decoration is part of the shoe.

There are many types of shoe clips for the different functions that you attend. There are even bridal shoe clips. Some users love their shoe clips so much that they use them on other things like their bags, jacket cuffs and as a scarf clip.

If you have a pair of shoes that are slightly worn but are still too good to toss out, try a shoe clip to spice up the look. You will be surprised at how a little accessory can totally change the shoe.

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Source: Glam, Aliza Darik.




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