Get the Look for Less: Ellen Pompeo


    Jennifer Aniston

    We all want to have that celebrity style and glitz but who can afford those high end fashion boutiques and designers. So here’s a present from me to you. Get Jennifer Aniston’s Ellen Pompeo look for a price you can afford with my help.  If you were wondering, ELLEN POMPEO tucked her black skinny pants into rich cognac boots. Continue reading for the Look.

    The Jacket: Forever 21, $33


    The Grey Tunic: Spiegel, $19

    Grey Tunic

    The Jeans: Delias, $40

    The striaght leg jeans

    The Boots: Franco Sarto, $60 (


    I personally love this look and actually I already have most of this look by pure luck. I love Delias jeans and pants because they make extra longs which for me is a blessing and forever21 has up-style fashion fora bargain price which is affordable for almost everyone. Now, since I have the jacket  and jeans, all i need are the boots and shirt, but I think I can manage a shirt to that nature out of my monster of a closet.

    I hope you enjoy the look for less and you go out and start looking like the star you are. Look for more Look for less entries to fulfill that closet and become a fashionista.

    Source: InStlye


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