Trend 911: Slimming aids.


    Fuze Slenderize lip gloss

    Fuze Slenderize lip gloss is a new product. It has ingredients that suppress the appetite. It contains chemicals to encourage increased metabolism, while keeping energy levels high. The good guys in the lip gloss are SuperCitrimax, chromium and L-carnitine.

    Katie Holmes

    Fuze has been making Fuze diet drinks. It was rumored that diet drinks are favorites of Katie Holmes and Jessica Simpson. These drinks are low calorie fruit juices and contain similar ingredients that suppress appetite, boost metabolism and create more energy.

    Jessica Simpson

    This lip gloss slimming aid will be made by Too Faced. It will be sold via mail order from Sephora, a cosmetics company. It will come in 3 flavors – blueberry and raspberry, strawberry and melon, and dragon fruit and lime.

    Source: DM


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