Worst Dressed Celebrity of the Day: Rihanna



This time Rihanna wins the Worsted Dressed award.

She is so beautiful and normally knows what to wear to make herself look good, but here she looks like a bird or a weird tropical hut with a dominatrix twist. The pleather, dominatrix look compliments the demon look in her eyes. I think Rihanna took a dive and instead of making a no splash, she belly flopped and in front of a lot of people at the Grammys. I think taking a big risk at the Grammys was not a good idea, even for her performance.

We all recall the Swan getup that was worn to the 2001 Oscars by Bjork. Rihanna’s little number seems to be the 2008 version.

Source: BandB


  1. I am not sure what all of the fuss is regarding Rihanna visiting a sex shop. This is lawful, it is a free country and she can do what she wants to.


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