Trends: Fashion goes green.



Fashion has been affected by the need to be environmentally friendly. In the US, the use of organic fiber fabric soared up 27% in 2006, as compared to the previous year’s figure in 2005. There has been greater concern about toxicity from flame retardants and chemicals in clothing. The solution was to use organic and renewable materials like bamboo.

Calvin Klein has designed a hemp-based pant suit. Michael Kors has an innovative dress made from recycled cashmere. Donatella Versace made her mark in green design with a hemp-silk gown.

Here, we show you one practical item of clothing made from a green product. Kara Taub Bamboo Scarves are made from bamboo fibers. The plant is a fast grower, and renews itself rapidly. Thus, clothes from bamboo are sustainable since the supply would not be depleted.

Source: seattlepi, image.