Trends: Celebrity dolls.


    Marie Osmond

    On Monday, Feb. 18, Marie Osmond was at the NY Toy Show. She was promoting her doll. There has been a spate of fashion trends on celebrities making dolls for mass ownership. It is like owning a mini replica of your favorite celebrity. Someone who is old enough to be a fan of Marie Osmond should not be going ga ga over a doll. Anyway, the doll’s dress is frilly and pretty. It is retro but wholesome. I would imagine Rihanna’s doll to be dressed in dominatrix leather corsets.

    Bindi Irwin

    Not to be outdone, Bindi Irwin is marketing a new doll that is her mirror image. Bindi has a little resemblance to Stacey Ferguson. Bindi’s doll has a message to teach people to protect wildlife. It would be a heartbreaking choice on which doll to buy.

    Images: 1, 2



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