Oscars 2008: Top 10 Best Dressed Women


    Compared to years before with all the dull tones of beige, gold and very safe ensambles, this years Ocasrs red carpet was fabulous with tons of suprises. From Heidi’s exaggerated popped collar, to the feather detail of Jessica Alba that was nowhere near “big bird.” Also as we watched in amazment when we saw women like Cameron Diaz, that normally look like they should be the basketball pole instead of a woman, have a curvacious bodies (Cameron Diaz). Her are the top ten show stopping women of the night, who made us on lookers stop and watch with awe.

    Cate Blanchett, Heidi Klum, and Katherine Heigl

    10. Cate Blanchett, who pretty much picked the most stunning maternity dress we’ve seen Katie decked herself out in Versace and Dolce while carrying the mysteriously conceived Suri.

    9. Heidi Klum in Galliano, who managed to make popped collars look glamorous enough for the red carpet.

    8. Katherine Heigl,whose one-strap gown was the most perfect red for a blonde with aggro issues.

    Amy Adams, Calista Flockhart, and Cameron Diaz

    7. Amy Adams in Proenza Schouler, whose bustier top made us forget that innocent twang she’s perfected in interviews forever.

    6. Calista Flockhart, whose flowing gray and white gown officially erased those OMG SHE’S SO SKINNY pics of yore from our memory.

    5. Cameron Diaz in Dior, who we’ll now forgive for that controversial Valentino extravaganza she waltzed through last Oscars in to unsuccessfully make Justin Timberlake regret his dumpage.

    Jessica Alba, Kelly Preston, and Keri Russell

    4. Jessica Alba, who never really looks bad, but finally figured out a way to tell Hollywood to take her seriously and she might as well given the middle finger, because she looks stunning.

    3. Kelly Preston in Roberto Cavalli, who we think may have finally turned Johnny T. straight by looking 20 years younger last night.

    2. Keri Russell in Nina Ricci, whose baby weight has disappeared faster than it took to deliver.

    Penelope Cruz

    1. Penelope Cruz….no words, she says it all.



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