Diet trends: Weight loss.


    Nicky Hilton,
    The picture on the left showed Nicky in Feb. 2008 while the one on the right showed Nicky in July 2007.


    Nicky Hilton, 24, has been quietly losing weight while her sister Paris gained all the attention. Nicky has been photographed looking bony and extremely thin. She was out shopping for shoes at Christian Louboutin’s store in LA on Thursday, Feb. 28.

    Nicky Hilton 2

    Nicky’s bony knees extended up to her thigh bone. Seven months ago, Nicky appeared just right with the proportionate amount of curves. Now, she has lost a considerable amount of body fat and maybe some muscle along with it. Her eating habits might need a revamp. Nicky has managed to avoid being featured by the media because she kept a low profile. If the press suspects that there might be an interesting story with her, they will start tailing her.

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