Victoria Beckham’s pink Hermes Ostrich Birkin.


    Victoria Beckham carried her pink Hermes Ostrich Birkin bag and wore her pink platform shoes to have lunch at Pink Taco. Her son, Cruz Beckham, was with her.

    Victoria wore a black dress with ruffles on the skirt. The layers of ruffles were arranged in concentric circles. The hem of the skirt was curved. The dress was dangerously short at the sides. The neckline was secured in a bath robe type of opening. A wide ribbon slash served to secure the deep neckline from flapping open.

    The black and pink combination seemed a harsh choice. Black is a somber color, while pink is frivolous. The marriage of black and pink is a stark contrast. Victoria carried herself well to pull off her look.

    Victoria Beckham’s pink platform shoes.

    Source: DM.



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