Sasha Bennington, child beauty contestant.


Sasha Bennington, 11, wore her first set of fake eyelashes at 8 and currently, her beauty treatments cost $600 per month.

Sasha’s mother, Jayne, 31, claimed that she just wanted Sasha to be famous. Jayne entered Sasha in the junior Miss British Isles, which was the adult style beauty pageant for children. Later on, Sasha entered a beauty pageant in Texas. The whole process was taped by a film crew and made into a documentary called “Sasha, Beauty Queen At 11.” This film would be aired on BBC3 on July 14.

Jayne said that Sasha’s role model is Jordan, aka Katie Price, the celebrity supermodel.

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  1. Ok, well, this is pretty disturbing. She’s only 11 – that’s like end of primary school beginning of high school. If she wants to become a model when she’s older, fair enough, but the fact that she seems appearance obsessed, is covered in makeup and posing like some kind of a porn star in her pictures worries me. What worries me even more is the attitude of the mother, who undoubtedly led her to this. She has been teaching her that the way she looks and being famous are the important things in life, instead of encouraging her to be a good person, not to get appearance-obsessed and telling her that her personality is what really matters. This is a very sad case.

  2. absolutley disgusted!! jayne bennington you are a disgrace, not only do you look like an overweight transvestite, you also have an AWFUL personality. just because some fat half drunken bald man said you looked pretty when you had your boobs out stood in front of a car when you were 23, doesnt mean your good looking!!!! you are not even a wanabee!!! jody marsh is a wanabee, you aint even that!!!! sorry sweetheart. my advice to you is: lose some weight, get your teeth straightened, and get rid of that “mick hucknall” diamond in your tooth, it looks like youve got food stuck!! and last but not least DECORATE YOUR HOUSE!!!!!!!! IT LOOKS LIKE A LOAD OF SMACK HEADS LIVE IN IT!!!!

  3. omg y uu al being gay fo? sashaa swnd gyal x yurr aa reliee bonii lass! an yur documentary were great haha uu saw meh dancin 😉 x

  4. After watching the documentry, I feel disgusted, we all know what 95% of the world thinks about young children into pageants and whatnot so I wont repeat that bit… but what makes it worse is that her mother bullies her into doing it, her dreams seem to be possessing Sasha’s life because she failed at it- she may be grow up to get some modelling deals but the odds are she will become a pornstar instead because of the attitude of apperance has infected her freedom of choice- who wants that for their kid? What is wrong with her growing up normally and working for a real career she can be proud of.

  5. she has too much, especially at 11. i watched a documentary about her, shes vain and very stupid, she is quite pretty though. her mum pushes her to do it, she wouldn’t let her change her hair and told her if she wasn’t accepted into a modelling agency she was grounded.

  6. c’mon; her mum isn’t overweight.
    her house is a shit hole; but they live in burnley; let’s be honest the majority of houses in burnley are shit holes. trust me; i live there.

    &&yeah; she does disgust me, she answered everything for sasha on that documentary, she’s pushy and trying to live her dreams through her daughter.

    obviously; we can see why HER career never took off. it shames me to live in a town populated by such sodding morons…

  7. lol she well fit and i fanncey her and her age so lol. burnley the best place in the world so dont dis it lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

    we love burnley

  8. Boys frustrate me. I hate all their indirect messages, I hate game playing. Do you like me or don’t you? Just tell me so I can get over you.KirstenDunstKirsten Dunst

  9. Well i think that sasha is very preety, and i am sooo jelus lol ! .
    i have been wating to be a modle for about 3 years, it’s my dream! but i think that sasha’s mum is pushy.
    she is really preety though


  10. Omg you’re all kikin off cuz you’re jealouse off her !!
    I wish I had a mum like sashas who PUSHED u too be a model my mum didn’t even no I want too be a model ( not a glamour model a catwalk model ) I av all the right gifts like sasha but the difference is sasha chased her dream with her mums help and I can’t do that cuz I don’t av my mums help 🙁

    Cumon who duznt want too bee blonde and famouse and gets £300 a month spent on them !! Cuz I no I do !! I’m 12 years old 1 year older than sasha but still she inspires me !!

    All my mates get their hair nails tan clothes an all that dun each month so do I but we don’t spend £300 on it but we wishedd we cud lol !!

    We ALL were makeup so shutit sayin that’s not normal for kids cuz look around ALL the kids wear it now 😀


  11. OH MY GOSH! What is wrong with this mom?! She’s absolutely insane. Sasha will become known as the 11 year old barbie, she’ll definetly be “famous” but not in a good way. Elle, you sicken me. I would NEVER want to be like that. I’m 12 and I don’t wear any makeup at all. Sure I want to be famous, but for a GOOD reason.

  12. i am so wit elle wat is wrong wit they r all just jealous they r not as beautiful as sasha so please just leave her alone she is going down the right path to be a model nd at da end of da day she chooses wat to be nd none of u can change dat so just leave her alone

  13. shes very pretty. i think its good that she can make her dreams come true… okay i know shes only eleven and she is spoilt but i think if thats what sasha wants and her parents are up for supporting her all the way then i dont see a problem with that because its early days for her and she now has a bigger kickstart to her career. Well done Jayne and sasha your going to make it! x

  14. i think sasha is a very selfish girl, and so is her mum. I am 12 and i am a model and i am not lyk that, i get 250 pound spent on my make-up and hair dyes and cuts but come on let her do her own thing, i chose to be a model and i got there so mum stop being a bitch!

  15. ermm she dont spend 600 dollers
    she is english
    she only spends 300quad a month
    +&i dont she whats wrong with her
    really it sort of like me but i have brown hair,and my mum does my nails.

  16. Just saw her interview on television. Her dad calls her Stupid! How nice is that? Also at the end her mom says “I don’t like the resposibility of being a parent” THEN WHY DID YOU HAVE KIDS?

    Sasha is sooo pretty but theres nothing there.

    If she wants to be a model, Dye your hair back to natural, STOP wearing make-up and have carisma.

  17. How sad
    A perverts probably gonna rape her

    Shes not even THAT pretty
    I mean you cant say shes ugly but anyone would look like that with so much make up on
    Elle, quit being a wannabebimbo

  18. Sasha bennington is like the preety-est girl i have ever seen in my life!! i love her so much and it would be just as great to meet her!!! keep it up babe:)xxxxxxxxp.s does any one know if she has m.s.n?xxxxxxxx

  19. Lauren You absolute cretin Youre Like a starStruck Saddo She int even That Pretty.. And she used to go to my school and i hated her.. she was Just a Bitchy girl who Looked Fake.. And Come On Have you seen her Without Makeup?
    and has Anyone seen That Pic where Shes Naked And Led In Rose Petals what the Hells that About?

  20. Number 17.. Sophie.. You Dipstick.. $600 is more or less The Equivalence to £300 its Called Exchange Ratee You Bimbo

  21. Sasha is soo pretty && every girl dreams to be like her && the fact that her dreams have come true is amazingg no matter whatt it takes !!

  22. HI sasha it’s me rosie .
    i wanna be in a padgent.

    i wish i was you

    and i mean it i want your stuff i lovevvvvve you

    bye and thanks my friend


  23. if you gyes think shes outrageous then what r yu doing here..?
    why rr you wastin your precious tme readingg bout her!! xxxxxxxx


  24. No actually shes gonna get whats coming to her,You do know that dont you!
    First of all its non of our bussines let her do whateve she wont to be!
    who knows maybe shell became rich and model but what i she ends up in mcdonalds or stripper!
    Gyes live her aLONE!
    its her life!she want to ruin it fine!
    its not like your gonna change her mind writing these comments,live her alone and get on withj your lifes!!!

  25. Lets be honest, shes pretty. Fake, but pretty. I don’t know what you’re going on about her ruining her life blah blah blah. Wanting to become a model isn’t ruining her life. She entered a few beauty pageants, shes got a modelling portfolio that makes her look older then her actual age, she gets her nails and hair done…so what?! Seriously, i envy her.

  26. Sasha used to be a great person but then a couple pageants went by then her horns came out. She screamed at littler kids and always was selfish and too cool for anyone else. This shows that she is not beautiful cuz it only matters whats on the inside and plus she only looks good cuz thats a fake tan, loads of makeup, hair extentions, probably plastic surgery, and false teeth. Sorry Sasha but your a falsie and a monster. The world may love fake beauties but I dont and tons of other smart people. =)

  27. right.
    im sashas like friend and she isnt ‘plastic neither fake’.so yeah.stop saying shes a monster fgs shes living her dream half of you lot who disagree with this are probs jelous yes some of it is o.t.t but shes admitted thats shes made stop judging a book by its front cover sasha is a wonderful girl.and no sashas mum isnt obese she wants what is best for her child may not be the right thing but sasha has turned out great and you lot dont even know her.get a life & jogggg on.


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