Today’s Beauty Look: Sexy, Sultry Eye


Hudgen\'s sporintg a glamerously well defined eye that just captures attention.

The Look: “Vanessa was still bronzed from touring in Mexico, so I played up her glow with makeup that suited her luminous skin,” says makeup artist Brett Freedman, founder of VanityMark Cosmetics. To give Vanessa a pale, matte eye, Freedman swept a chocolate shadow all over her lids followed by a frosty shade on the lids below the crease. He lined her eyes with Kat Von D’s Autograph eye liner and piled on four layers of VanityMark the LASH mascara to make the eyes pop. And they certainly do pop and of course look gorgeously defined as well!

The Trick:To prevent clumpy mascara, wiggle the wand at the lash roots to separate individual hairs before sweeping the wand along your lashes. Also, another neat trick is to apply a definition mascara in one or two sweeps from root to tip and then a volume mascara just at the root base to give extra umph!

Source: Instyle


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