Tattered Jeans: Miley Cyrus



Tattered, ripped jeans has been very much present in today’s Hollywood fashion, and who should we thank for reviving the long dead trend? None other than teen queen Miley Cyrus! She and her other peer cohorts have been roaming in and around Tinseltown with holes in their stylish jeans, which were done intentionally to bring out a so-called fad. Now even older stars such as Drew Barrymore, Katie Holmes and yes, Mickey Rourke can be seen in such ripped denims! What could be the reason behind this reborn fad? Is it due to today’s failing economy and even celebrities are cutting down the costs of fashion and prefer to fit in their worn-out jeans? Or is it just a phase among today’s teenage stars? Whatever the reason behind it, the tattered denim trend truly rocks!

Source: OMG


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