Beyonce Knowles: Are Her Heels Too High?



Heeled platforms are supposed to make girls taller and slimmer, but is there such thing as sk-y-high heels? Well, looking at Beyonce’s platforms, I guess something like that exists. Her skin-print platforms are just too tall I begin to wonder if she still feels comfty with them. The pumps do look stylish, I agree, but with the way she walks I am starting to feel that Beyonce’s having a hard time strutting with them. I won’t dare wear such fierce platforms if I were the singer-pressure due to extremely high heels can cause pain and varicose veins, and that’s something I don’t want to have. How about you gues, what’s your take on Beyonce’s heels?

Source: Fashion Popsugar


  1. They are a bit too extreme.It is like expected of her to wear stuff like that. They are sexy but look painful. I will pass.

  2. I love those heels, especially the height of the heel. Who cares if they look painful, they look sexy. Most of the time you need to sacrifice looks for pain. People need to stop hating on was celebs are wearing, especially heels.


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