Tips for Luscious Red Lips



It was as if today’s hottest celebs teamed up for a fashion stroll at the MTV Movie Awards last May 31. A lot of them were wearing luscious red lipstick! From Cameron Diaz to Lauren Conrad… and even with Megan Fox! Red lips has always been a style sported in almost every fashion trend, so if you want to look like a genuine celeb, you must know how to pucker up your lips.

Here are some tips to enjoy the red lips:

1. Your eyes and cheeks should remain light. Heavy makeup on these areas will make your lips less noticeable.

2. Your lip liner should match your lipstick. Draw a line over your lipstick to provide a more subtle hue.

3. Avoid wearing lip gloss. This will make your red lips look trashy.

4. Wear bright crimson shades during spring and summer to give a fresher look. During the colder seasons, deep reds go better.

Source: Access Hollywood


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