Celebrity Weight Watch: Leona Lewis

August 27, 2009 by Paulene


Leona Lewis was spotted at the “Kings of Leon” concert in L.A. wearing a black-leather wardrobe. She donned a black jacket, paired with high-cut black booties, black stockings and a floral dress. The sunkissed Brit singer could pass for an all-American California girl in her attire, and with her outfit alone, she totally rocks. However, there’s something noticeable about Leona Lewis-she seemed heavier. Is she getting more weight now that she’s in L.A.? Oh well, I think Leona doesn’t seem to mind. She knows how to stand tall and confident-and fashionable despite the growing arms and gams. And her frock was able to hide whatever tummy bulges she has. Dear, you look stunning still!

Source: OMG

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