When Accessories Make or Break an Outfit: Lisa Edelstein


Lisa Edelstein looked glamorous when she attended the 2011 MOCA Gala: “An Artist’s Life Manifesto” in LA yesterday, but her accessories ruined the look. Check out how accessories can make or break an outfit.

The 44-year-old former “House” star arrived at the gala wearing a long navy blue gown paired with silver pumps. With an updo, suave make up and a sparkly pouch that made her look elegant in all the right ways, Lisa was ready to party with the A-listers. What messed up her outfit came in a pair of huge bracelets, which she wore for both hands. It would have been enough to rock just one, but two looked like she were in uber expensive handcuffs. What do you think?

Photos by: Brian To/WENN.com


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