Street Style: Heidi Klum’s Baggy Clothes


Heidi Klum, Seal and their daughters Leni and Lou Sulola were out and about in Brentwood L.A. yesterday, wearing baggy clothes that even her gorgeousness can’t work.

We know Klum is one of the most successful women in the fashion industry today, and she deserves to wear anything she wants, but come on, you can still dress up comfortably without wearing that overly baggy bootleg pants, which we think may even be dangerous if the pants get stuck to an escalator.

What’s worse is Heidi even paired up the baggy pants with an oversized polo, over a loose purple tee. The only thing we loved about her outfit was the gorgeous necklace she was wearing… and her daughters’ adorable ladybug booties.

How about you? What do you think of Heidi’s street style?



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