Teresa Palmer’s zombie eye makeup


'Warm Bodies' photocall

Teresa Palmer was promoting her zombie flick alongside Nicholas Hoult in London earlier this month and got caught in a makeup mishap at the photocall, making her blend with the real-life zombies at the background.

The 26-year-old Australian actress wore a cream sleeveless top tucked into high-waisted black slacks with contrasting gold details to the event. She added a pop of color with orange nails and glossy reddish coral lips, before accessorizing with a golden cuff bracelet and gold-trimmed stone earrings.

Although the look may have been a win, Teresa Palmer’s HD microfinish powder was to blame for the “over powdered” look rimmed around her eyes. This type of makeup problem, which many celebrities have been spotted, doesn’t look this bad in person though. But when flashes from cameras hit the face, the powder looks white.

We give Palmer props for having a sense of humor after this mishap. She tweeted after the event, “Note to self – always do own makeup! You never know when someone might want to make you up like a panda #kungfupalmer.”

Photos by: WENN.com


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