Diane Kruger Wears the Same Dress in Two Events


Cast Of The Host appears at The Grove to film EXTRA

Diane Kruger is always a fashion-forward girl. But there are also instances when she knows it’s all right to stay with the same outfit, even if she’s going to two separate events.

The A-list actress wore a white and orange Carven + Vanessa Bruno outfit during a guest appearance on the entertainment news show, “Extra”. The solid color combo made her look sweet, casual and pretty, but still glamorous, but we actually didn’t expect her to stay in the same ensemble at the book signing of “The Host” in Barnes & Noble Bookstore.

Well, we don’t really care if she wore the same outfit twice-we actually love it because she was able to pull off a stunning appeal without the need of changing to a new wardrobe.

Photo credit: RHS/Travis Wade/WENN.com


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