Taking Cleavage To The Extreme: These Stars Are Letting It All Hang Out!


Kim Kardashian takes the girls out

We’ve noticed a huge trend of celebrities putting their boobs on full display lately. And we highly doubt it’s in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Check out these extremely low-cut styles spotted on several stars.

New mother Kim Kardashian, Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr and several other starlets are embracing the “extreme cleavage” trend, which leaves very little to the imagination!

Reality star Kim Kardashian, 32, has been showing off her post-baby figure in Paris, wearing a very revealing black Givenchy gown to the Mademoiselle C party. Kim posted the photo to Instagram to give her fans an eye-full!

Kim Kardashian and her big tatas

Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr walked around Paris with her itty-bitties on display. She wore a beige drop-waist slip dress with a white jacket. It almost looked like she was wearing her gown! Why am I thinking of chicken cutlets right now? Well, anyway let’s continue!

Miranda Kerr low cut dress

Another model, Irina Shayk, put her obviously fake ta-tas on display at the 2013 Vanity Fair Oscar Party in a sexy gown.

Irina Shayk in lowcut gown

Even usually-demure Mila Kunis donned the plunging trend at the premiere of “Third Person” at the Toronto Film Festival.

Mila Kunis in low-cut white gown

Celebrity stylist Claire Wacey recently commented on the cleavage-baring fashions, stating, “The new trend to show off more cleavage is great provided you have a pert, toned bust, if however your boobs do not defy gravity and require bras of steel to keep them in place do not attempt this trend”

The Femail Fashion Finder editor, Lisa Potter, also weighed in with her thoughts, saying, “The fashion craze that’s been popping out all over the red carpet? Cleavage. Whether you like it or not necklines are cut down to there lately with everyone from serial offender Kim Kardashian to the usually demure Gwyneth Paltrow parading their assets in plunging everything”.

Potter gave a couple of tips, saying, “There’s a fine line between sexy and downright tacky so if you want to carry off a dangerous neckline – and stay in favor with the fash pack – then remember to keep everything else low-key and simple. That means long hemlines, adding a sleek cover-up like a blazer and keeping hair and make-up minimal.”

What do you think of this very revealing trend?


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