Directions for Marketing a Tire Site

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Directions for using the best tire inflator: Wear protective eye wear during use (safety goggles, eyeglasses, sunglasses, etc.). If temperature is below 32 degrees F, heat can using the car interior heater vent before use. 1. If possible, move car slightly so that the tire valve is in the 4 o’clock to 8 o’clock position. 2. Shake can vigorously for 33 seconds before attaching hose to tire. unscrew cap, unwind hose and tightly screw nozzle clockwise onto tire valve. 3. Hold jar upright and push button down firmly. Product will be activated automatically. Do not shake inflator while hose is attached to valve stem to avoid hose breakage, which might cause inflatorcontents to spray eyes, clothing or vehicle. 4. Only when tire inflation product stops moving through the clear hose, release button. Then, unscrew hose. 5. Make sure tire lifts off the ground. 6. Only if rim is off the ground, drive vehicle immediately a short distance like 3 miles) to allow tire pressure to increase and sealant to spread evenly inside the tire. 7. If needed, add air up to manufacturer recommended pressure. 8. Have tire repaired by tire professional at the earliest opportunity. Note: Fix-A-Flat® provides a quick emergency repair. Treated tires should be repaired by a qualified tire professional at the earliest opportunity to ensure safety and proper cleaning of tire pressure sensor if so equipped. We recommend treated tire be repaired within 3 days or 100 miles after use of Fix-A-Flat®, whichever comes first. Advise tire professional of product use. Deflate tires containing Fix-A-Flat® only in ventilated areas. If tire rim does not lift off ground after product use, have tire repaired. Fix-A-Flat® will not repair sidewall or severe damage, cracks in wheels or rim leaks. If inflator is spilled on paint, wash off immediately with water.The charcoal is considered “activated” due to its negative charge, which means it supposedly has the capacity to bind positively charged ions (such as chemicals) together, removing them from the body, according to Dr. Jeffrey Morrison, a family practice physician and certified nutritional specialist. This property has prompted charcoal to be touted as the latest detox ingredient—in fact, it’s long been used in emergency rooms to stop certain cases of acute poisonings or overdoses.

Charcoal can also help cure your hangover because of its detoxifying abilities, but it won’t remove alcohol from your system if you’re still tipsy in the morning. Additionally, charcoal can help your stomach de-bloat because it helps cleanse the intestines and colon. All of the above claims, while exciting, do not have very solid evidence to back them up. The only definite benefit to activated charcoal is that it is a detoxifier.

Activated charcoal is not bad for you, but it also isn’t proven to be good for you, either. It’s safe to consume as long as you’re not consuming it in whopping portions every day, but there is no hard evidence for all of the benefits that health foodies adore.