Are You Considering Couples Drug Rehab?

Are You Considering Couples Drug Rehab?

When both individuals in a couple have to deal with addiction or drug abuse, it's hard to get help. In cases where only one of the two goes into rehab, then the other partner will keep up their substance abuse, which makes it more difficult for the rehab partner to prevent their own relapse after their treatment is concluded. Regardless, if the couple doesn't get any help, it can mean serious risks for both members, like a financial loss, relationship challenges, and decreased mental and physical health.

On the other hand, if both of the partners are willing to go through couples drug rehab together, it can be something that helps them learn how to recover together. If couples go through rehab together, they get the tools they need to manage their individual addictions. Understanding each other's cravings and triggers can help them learn how to avoid relapse both as a person and as a couple. Couples drug rehab also can improve the very relationship itself, helping manage damaging issues like enabling and codependence. A new dynamic for the relationship can be created in which each partner is simultaneously supported together and alone in the maintenance of their recovery.

Couples rehab can be a good idea in cases where both individuals are dealing with an addiction, and that scenario is more common than many people might suspect. Research indicates that women who abuse alcohol or drugs are twice as likely than men to be in a relationship with another addict. If the couple thinks that alcohol or drug use is the only way they can have fun, that can be a problem, particularly if they have to be drunk or high to converse with one another or show any affection.

A relationship can suffer serious effects from shared addiction, even in cases where partners both put in the effort to make things work. A couple where both members are dealing with addiction can be a relationship where chores and childcare aren't dealt with as much as they should be. The couple might also start spending less quality time together, even giving up leisure, recreational, and social activities they once enjoyed because their substance abuse might embarrass them.

There are some reasons why drug rehab for couples might not be a good idea. If there is any history of domestic abuse, then couples therapy should not be tried. Codependent couples might also find co-treatment problematic since the passive partner could have trouble speaking up out of fear and even get more focused on the active partner's recovery rather than their own. Also, there's always a risk that one partner relapsing could trigger the other one too.

Alcohol and drug addiction impact nearly 24 million Americans daily, and that's why a number of facilities have started offering couples rehab. The choice to go into rehab is a frightening one that overwhelms many, and it can be a source of power and comfort to go through it with your partner. Couples rehab might also provide an additional spark of motivation for anyone who doesn't wish to be separated or away from their partner during their treatment.

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