Is your fur-baby scratching constantly? Does your pet seem to be itchy no matter, CBD treats symptoms that other medications can not. The treatments you apply without any visible reasons like fleas, Check your pet’s skin closely, if this is the case because dogs can also suffer from allergies.

One way to tell if your dog’s itchy skin is something requiring treatment is to watch carefully for a few days. If an area is bothering your pet, they may pay more attention to grooming it or scratching it. Take a look at the skin in that area. Is it inflamed? Is there a rash?

A rash won’t always be present, but you’ll be able to tell that the area is more sensitive to the touch. Your first step is to get your dog to the vet so that you can find out exactly what the problem is. Mange can also cause itching but won’t clear up on its own. Ruling out illnesses that require antibiotic treatment should always be the first step in treating your pet. If an illness can be ruled out, you should consider getting your dog some CBD oil.

Why cbd treatments Skin Problems in Pets

CBD is derived from the cannabis plant. CBD treats skin problems in pets because of the anti-inflammatory compounds in it. According to a study run on human subjects, CBD treats oil has significant anti-inflammatory properties.

Now, while the study was run on humans and not dogs, it still applies. If the compound has this kind of positive effect for you, it will have a similar effect for your pet. Naturally, though, the dosage will need to be quite different.

Can CBD USe For Skin Problems in Pets, Is It Safe for Them?

Now, I know what you’re thinking – you think that you don’t want your dog to become a stoner. There’s no need to worry about that happening. The compound that is responsible for the mind-altering effects of cannabis is THC.

You can find oils with a high THC content or a high CBD treats content. The former will make your dog as high as a kite. The latter, on the other hand, doesn’t contain enough THC to impair cognitive abilities.

Other Ways CBD Helps To Treat Skin Problems in Pets

It’s not just the anti-inflammatory effect that is useful here, though. Another way that CBD treats skin problems in pets is by relieving stress and anxiety. In another study conducted on humans, it was found that CBD could be a potent anti-anxiety treatment option.

Now, while we know that our pets don’t have the same physiology that we do, it is similar enough to say that that it will help with anxiety in pets as well. From there, it’s not a leap to think that CBD treats skin problems in pets that are exacerbated by anxiety.  

Are There Any Dangers of CBD for pets?

Not if you use a high-quality CBD oil, but note that CBD treats skin problems in pets, not THC. THC oil or edibles will not help your pet.

The reason being that there is a high quantity of THC in marijuana. Remember how we said that it was this compound that was responsible for the psychoactive effects of the drug? That’s also why you must be very careful to source CBD oil that is low in THC.

It also bears mentioning that dogs are a lot more sensitive to the effects of both compounds than we are. That means that the second danger could be an overdose.

To keep your dog safe, stick to a reputable supplier and start with the lowest dosage you can. If need be, you can increase the dose later.

Summing It Up

CBD oil has been researched intensely over the past few years as people’s attitudes to it have been changing. No longer only the purview of stoners and potheads, the benefits are being appreciated by more people in the mainstream.

Your pooch could also benefit as long as you’re willing to do a bit of homework in checking out potential suppliers.