A Couples Drug Rehab Option

A Couples Drug Rehab Option

Unfortunately, there is an increase in drug and alcohol abuse in every part of the United States. Society in general is having difficulties dealing with this ever increasing issue. Many people may think that a drug addiction is primarily only for single males or females. However, it is sad to say that drug addiction often affects both members of a relationship. Therefore, many drug rehab centers are now catering to couples drug rehab. Couples drug relationship rehab is typically done by professionals who utilize a behavioral couple therapy.

A behavioral couple therapy has proven very successful for restoring damaged relationships. However, there are situations where couples rehab drug programs are not recommended. For example, behavioral couples therapy should not be utilized in any relationship that has a history of domestic abuse. There are times when a codependent couple may find it difficult to seek drug treatment together. For instance, a partner who is more passive may find it quite difficult to express her/his opinion out of fear. They may be scared of the reaction of their partner.

In other cases, one member of the relationship may be upset because of the perception that the other member is receiving more attention. Also, there are situations where a relapse of one partner could lead to a relapse of the other partner. Drug rehab centers are successful because they provide a drug-free environment that minimizes the risk of relapse during the difficult stabilization period. Each person in a relationship should understand that they both need to be equally committed to their treatment so that they can live a life free from drugs. Some drug rehab facilities will provide separate living quarters for each member of a couple if one of the individuals has an issue.

This would include issues that are either psychological or medical. Another concern that often occurs is that each individual in a relationship may recover at a different rate which would put the endgame out of sync. One partner who is doing better may suddenly resent the slowness of their mate. This type of situation usually will cause rehab counselors to recommend that each member in the relationship follow an individual program. Nevertheless, the individuals can still have joint sessions where they are encouraged to make the relationship work. For example, the individual schedule for each partner could also include a few joint therapy sessions during the week.

The counselor may also allow an option for visitation rights. However, each member of the relationship would have their own room in separate parts of the facility. Whether the partners are housed separately or together will depend on many factors but all partners who are committed to eliminating their addictions from their lives can definitely expect excellent results. In the United States, drug rehab facilities are becoming more and more popular. Some of these centers are sponsored by the government whereas other facilities are private. Anyone who has an addiction problem with drugs or alcohol should seriously investigate attending a center of their choice to help them with their addiction.